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— Dinner —

All served with a Greek Salad and Pita Bread

Pastitsio Dinner - $13
Baked pasta with a cinnamon-seasoned meat sauce
topped with a béchamel. Traditional and delicious!

Moussaka Dinner - $13
Layered and sliced eggplant and potatoes baked with a cinnamon-seasoned meat sauce and béchamel. A treat for your taste buds!

Loukaniko (Sausage) Dinner - $13
Splendidly seasoned-to-order Greek sausage, grilled and served with tzatziki, a traditional yogurt, cucumber and garlic sauce (on the side).


Chicken Souvlaki Dinner - $13
Greek-style marinated chicken, grilled to perfection and served over fluffy rice pilaf.

Gyro Pita Dinner - $13
Seasoned beef and lamb, grilled to perfection and wrapped in a pita bread with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce, served with Greek-style potatoes.

Lamb Shank Dinner - $18
Truly a gift from the gods, tender and tasty lamb shank in a Greek-style tomato sauce served over fluffy rice pilaf. The Greeks have a word for it: “delectable!”


Combination Plate - $18
Your choice of pastitsio or moussaka, and chicken souvlaki, with side salad and pita bread. A culinary potpourri to tickle your taste buds.

Vegetarian Dinner - $15
A combination of spanakopita, Greek-style potatoes, small Greek salad, dolmades and pita bread. A meatless delight!

Large Greek Salad with Chicken or Gyro - $10
The authentic Greek salad . . . lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives and feta cheese served with our homemade oil and vinegar Greek-style dressing. Served with your choice of chicken or gyro meat.



— Pita sandwiches —

Served on pita bread with tomatoes, onions & tzatziki sauce

Chicken - $8

Loukaniko - $8

Gyro (Seasoned beef & lamb) - $8



— Side Dishes —

Pastitsio - $10
Baked pasta with a cinnamon-seasoned meat sauce topped with a béchamel. A crowd-pleaser!

Moussaka - $10
Layered and sliced eggplant and potatoes baked with a cinnamon- seasoned meat sauce and béchamel. Unlike anything you’ve eaten!

Spanakopita - $6
A blend of spinach, eggs and three cheeses wrapped in a buttery, flaky phyllo dough, baked to a golden deliciousness.


Tiropita - $6
A blend of eggs and several cheeses wrapped in a buttery, flaky phyllo dough and baked to perfection.

Greek Potatoes - $4
Sumptuous-seasoned potatoes, roasted with a touch of lemon, oregano and garlic. It’s the Greek way!

Dolmades - $4
Oil and lemon-seasoned rice wrapped in tender grape leaves. Tasty and traditional!


Rice Pilaf - $3

Small Greek Salad - $4

Hot Dog - $3


— Mezethes (APPETIZERS) —


Greek Fries - $5
French fries...with a Greek twist! Crisp fried potatoes, seasoned with oregano and some of the finest spices of Greece, topped with feta cheese.

Saganaki- $8
A favorite appetizer, firm and salty kefalograviera cheese, floured, fried and served en flamme with lemon wedges. OPA!

Calamari - $9
A popular appetizer, seasoned, floured and deep-fried fresh squid rings served with feta cheese and lemon wedges.


— pastries & desserts —


Baklava- $3 / 6-piece platter $15
Delicious pastry with chopped nuts, spices, layers of buttered phyllo pastry with a generous pouring of honey-flavored syrup.

Galaktobouriko - $4
A light custard filling wrapped in phyllo pastry and drizzled with a honey-flavored syrup.

Koulourakia - 5 for $3
Delicious, crisp, twisted butter cookies.


Melomakarona - 2 for $3
Walnut cinnamon cookies dipped in honey syrup.

Kourabiedes - $1
Shortbread and ground almond all-butter cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Sampler Platter - $12
An assortment of Baklava, Melomakarona, Kourabiedes and Koulourakia.


Loukoumades - $5 / $7
Light, fluffy pastry puffs dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Tsoureki - $10
A traditional bread, slightly sweet, made with unique Greek spices. A treat as a dessert or with any meal.

Rizogalo - $3
Fluffy rice pudding sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon. Served in Food Line and Pastry Shop.


Baklava Sundae - $5
Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with crumbled baklava, topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry. Available only at Ice Cream Shop in the Agora.

Kadaifi - $3
A delectable piece of shredded phylo pastry filled with nuts, sugar and spices and drenched in a honey-flavored syrup.